Saturday, August 01, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: Lakewood, Atlanta, GA 8/1/15; Saturday Night Hotlanta Heat

Phish returned to Lakewood for the second night of a two-show run in Atlanta. Friday night was a heater. Let's see if the boys can keep it up on Jerry Garcia's birthday. If there's ever a time for a Dead cover, it's tonight.

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Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.1.15 Lakewood, Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Runaway Jim > Undermind, Nellie Kane, Blaze On, Halfway to the Moon, Ocelot, Heavy Things, Theme from the Bottom > Antelope

Set 2: TWEEZER >Waiting All Night, Backwards >  Carini > Waste > SAND > Tweeprise

Encore: Rock and Roll
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Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Hotlanta Heat Night 2
by @taopauly

Lights went down at 7:40pm with a run-of-the-mill Runaway Jim opener. First debut of Jim this tour... Rock-star-streamer-Periscoper @lvnphish loved Undermind so much that she had to boogie down! They video was temporarily disabled while she grooved hard to Octo-Fish... Remember the days when Phish always played a country song in the first set so Gordo could channel his inner redneck? Nellie Kane, technically a cover, was only the second cover all summer (aside from Boogie On in Bend)?.. Blaze On has now appeared at every other show and the fourth time in 8 shows. It's a perfect uppity summery first set tune... Doctor Scotch thought last night's "blue moon" would draw out a Halfway to the Moon appearance. Leo waited until Saturday. The key to digging Moon is the jam out, yet it requires patience because it feels like it takes forever to get there. Every time I hear Moon, I secretly wished Phish busted out Let It Loose instead. Leo slays covers, especially from the Stones... Ocelot crawled out of the jungle for the first time this summer. One of the deeper jams of the set, but it barely scratched the surface... Heavy Things included an Happy birthday tease to Jerry. BTW, Heavy Things is that bouncy summer song that even the super-emo tatty girl barista would nod her head to for a few seconds before returning to the winter of her discontent... Theme from the Bottom still does an impeccable job at taking you on an underwater adventure... Another Hail Mary from Trey with Antelope. Second time this summer felt like Phish was getting blown out at the end of the first set, so Trey scrambled and connected on a bomb of pass to Antelope for a late score to trim the lead going into halftime. Lakewood's Antelope was high-energy but nothing too crazy to cap off a 75-minute set... I understand if you glanced at the setlist on paper and felt skeptical. At this point, it was obviously not optimal song selection, but solid and concise. @pzerbo aptly described as "tight passive"... Set 2 launch time commenced at 9:27pm with Tweezer. First time for Tweezer in a set 2 opener slot since the infamous night in Tahoe (thanks @yemblog). Jam went dark momentarily before it ventured into the land of blissful bubbles... 26-minute Tweezer? I needed a cold shower after that sticky-sweaty orgy... Waiting All Night could be a snoozer, but that slow tune was a welcome respite after that insane Tweezer. Everyone needed a breath or two to get their space together... Backwards was a Pauly Smokes A Bowl Song, which I needed before shit got fucking bananas... Carini popped up again. Unlike the condensed version in LA, this Carini was a fierce fucker. Didn't waste any time either before it went sideways, like that rogue girl in your Catholic HS who would sneak into the confessional to diddle herself while taking key bumps of Xanax. Faded-bad-girl-in-plaid-jam... Waste gave Fishman a moment to catch his breath...

Saturday Night SAND Dance Party. Twerk City, USA... Tweeprise Twerkprise closed the set and they didn't save it until the encore, nah, they unleashed it as the set closer... The encore was not a Dead song (in honor of Jerry Day), but a cover of Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll. Lou Reed fist-bump-approved....  It was going to be tough to top Friday night's "Phish Destroys Atlanta" show and the band sort of conceded that right away with an odd start and first set theme that resembled something akin to "Let's play the exact opposite of what the crowd wants right now!" The second set included a pair of  jagged, mountainous peaks (Tweezer and Carini). The boys brought harnessed the Hotlanta heat for a second night in a row. Second of two shows in Atlanta dunzo. Eight shows in the bag overall. Alabama is on high alert. Hide your daughters. Lock your medicine cabinet. The psychedelic circus is headed your way. Next stop Tuscaloosa.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: Lakewood 7/31/15 Atlanta, GA; Phish Destroys Atlanta

Phish returned to Georgia for two shows at the Lakewood Ampitheatre just on the outskirts of Atlanta. Friday night kicked off the first show of a southern swing.

Here's what you missed...
Phish, 7.31.15 Atlanta, GA - Lakewood

Set 1: Caspian, No Man's Land > Ghost, Wedge, Moma Dance, How Many People Are You?, Rift, Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug

Set 2: Kill Devil Falls > Martian Monster > Twist > Back on the Train > Reba, GIN

E: Farmhouse, ZERO
By @neillybop

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Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Phish Destroys Hotlanta
by @taopauly

I lived in Atlanta for four years during college and can attest to the mid-summer debilitating heat. They called the town HOTLANTA for a reason. With the exception of NYC and the Gorge, I never saw more shows in any single city than Atlanta (including the Alpharetta burbs), which had become the epicenter of Phish in the South. For some unknown reason, Phish always brought the heat to Hotlanta. Alas, this weekend was due for a scorcher... At 7:41pm lights went down with Caspian opener. Rare appearance in the one hole. Hey who woulda thought the night they open with Caspian would be a "sick" show, eh? At least we got Prince Fuckah-pants out of the way... Another appearance for No Man's Land. The band obviously digs playing it (third time in seven shows). "I like this," said G-Rob who is always reticent of new material... Ready to get spooked? First set Ghost. Daylight poltergeists in the 404. Initially seemed like a waste so early in the show, but it had the terrifying bite of a second-set Ghost. Early highlight and probably the highwater mark of the opening set... The Wedge flexed its muscles in rare clean-up spot... Moma Dance, usually the second song and instant key bump to keep the early excitement moving along, popped up little later in the set. Ghost/Moma in the same first set? Felt like 1998 all over again. Last time it happened was Shoreline 98 (thanks @dianna_2ns for intel)... How Many People Are You sounded better the second time around. The title reminds me of that hopelessly lost/confused girl you know who constantly changes up their persona every few months... Doctor Scotch was bummed he didn't get Rift in Texas... Mike's Song came out of nowhere (with a monstrous Melt looming). Weird but goofy intro messing around with different tempos. Mike's was definitely its own eccentric animal tonight, like a vodka-drunk whale copulating with a kangaroo on mescaline. Last time Ghost/Mike's in the same first set? The night they opened with 1999 on NYE 98 MSG (thanks @GuyForgetOPT for the intel)... Hey, and they even snuck in Hydrogen... Dank Weekapaug as per usual. Little extra hot sauce on it... Set two opener was Kill Devil Falls and it was a doozy. Digging non-traditional set 2 openers this tour (KDF, Blaze, No Man, Ocean, and even 46 Days). KDF clocked in over 23 minutes (longest in history) and it got spacey real quick. Turbo rocket booster + hyperspace. Wildo described it as "Dead-like." Not even ten minutes into the second set, the Twitterverse dubbed it "Jam of the Night." Contained some serious tunnel-digging grooves. John Holmes deep-dicking... The deep space exploration continued with Martian Monster. Plenty of hijinks with some instrument swapping -- Trey first gave Page a reach around on keys, then he hopped on drums with Gordo while Fish took over bass, then Gordo went on Trey's KOA, and lonely Page noodled around with himself... Twist got spacey fairly quickly but melted away. Seemed like Trey didn't want stuff to get too dark or derivative... Pulled out of the dive for a quickie with Back on the Train. Southern Fried Funk.... Love those second set Rebas, just like @lvnphish said on the stream... No whistling in Reba because they saved it for the intro to Gin... Didn't waste anytime before the Gin jam went sideways and upside down... Another night with a 6-song second set, which is indicative of oodles of jamming and the squelching of ADD Trey... Two-song encore with Farmhouse and Character Zero. The mellow Farmhouse was a set-up for the instant-dynamite with Zero... Strange song placements in the first set but well-executed (single lowlight was the Gordo tune). Atlanta was probably the strongest opening frame all summer (up there with Grand Prairie) anchored by Ghost, meanwhile the second set was mostly killer/no filler from the get go. You can make a solid argument about the cheesed-out (Farmhouse) and vanilla encore (Zero), but I'll gladly take it considering how many times I wandered out of a how with blueballs after Phish smoked the shit out of a joint only to cap off the evening with a weaksauce single snoozer (I'm looking at you Show of Life or Velvet Cheese) of an encore...  Phish destroyed Atlanta according to Anderson Cooper, but I wouldn't trust his journalistic merits tonight; heard he was doing dippies all night with Phishy chicks in sequins sparkly dresses... One down in Atlanta, one more to go.

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Phish Official Video: Kill Devil Falls > Hotlanta Jam - 7.31.15

The longest Kill Devil Falls on record included a sensational jam that everyone is still taking about...

Recap: Atlanta 7.31.15
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: 7/29/15 Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas)

Phish invaded Texas for the second show in two nights. The circus migrated north to the Dallas suburbs. After a sweltering hot night in Austin (link: ATX setlist-recap), the party migrated indoors for an intimate theatre setting.

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FYI... tonight's show will be webcast over at LivePhish. Ticket time is 7:30 CT, so we're anticipating an 8:10 CT start time.

So here's what you missed on Wednesday night...
Phish, 7.29.15 Verizon Theatre, Grand Prairie, TX

Set 1: Tube, Guleah Papyrus, PYITE, Steam, Poor Heart, NICU, I Didn't Know, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Divided Sky, COIL

Set 2: Chalkdust > Simple > Silent in the Morning, The Line > Birds, Fuego > Julius, HOOD

E: The Connection, First Tube

* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Phish's Nuclear Rebound in Grand Prairie, TX
By @taopauly

Thrilled to see Phish go nuclear with devastating scorched Earth tactics. That's how you rebound from an off night. The boys from Vermont seriously hightailed it out of Austin after that sub-par gig. Shit happens, but it's how you respond to adversity that defines you as a band. Phish raced up I-35 to the Dallas suburbs and avenged their previous night's turd of a show with a classic heater... The Joker said it 104 degrees. Holy shitballs. Thank God the venue was indoors or Fishman woulda had a stroke... Intimate venue approximate 6.5K capacity. One of the smallest indoor shows in 3.0... Lights went down at  8:15 local time. Trey returned to the KOA after a meh Austin show with his GD50 axe. Musicians are a superstitious brood... Tube opener for Harris? I set O/U at 4:20 and the under barely hit... Guleah Papyrus for Doctor Scotch who had been chasing it a while. He only sees like 5-6 shows a year, so it's tough to catch it since it only gets played like once a year... PYITE. Another "dancing" song. Thought I heard Trey tease a lick before they kicked off Tube... Steam first "modern" song of  set after four early 90s tunes... Poor Heart nod to those country Phish roots... NICU been on the bench considering it's summer tour. Always thrilled to get it back into the mix... I Didn't Know Stage Banter: Trey said he was born 20 minutes away in Fort Worth. Fishman was the best man at Trey's wedding. Gordo still bitter... Stealing Time was high-energy, but felt like the only filler in this upbeat set... Divided Sky indoor versions highly underrated... Squirming Coil set closer. Page thanked everyone and walked off stage at 9:32pm... Another quickie setbreak, this one was barely 30 minutes... Chalkdust opener. Would it be short and sweet, or deep and dark? Went deep. Blissful cosmo explorations before we got an abrupt Trey ripcord... Simple from Bend might have been my favorite jam of the summer thus far. Already a highwater mark had been set. Texas Simple was chugging along when Trey insert the riffs to Silent in the Morning. The rest of the band tried to ignore him before they finally gave in. Trippy Silent... Trey's voice sounded a little scratchy on The Line. Rowdy applause when it ended. DoctorScotch and the Joker both headed to the bathroom. They dubbed it "The Bathroom Line"... Birds liftoff got everyone back to grooving after a lull to end the 3rd quarter. At the end of Birds, someone tossed Trey a shirt with "They Attack" on the front... Fuego time. Odd that the first set did not have a single Fuego tune... Julius is like your coke dealer; you never call him to hang out but you're fucking excited when he shows up at your front door... Hood, high-energy but little sloppy. Hey, that's how I like my Hoods. Trey was in full-blown porn-wank mode, but Page was also tearing it up. Strong and solid 4th quarter. Hood ended the set... I  always wanted to hear more of The Connection (caught the first two Connections at Deer Creek 09 and Miami 09), but it's a perfect summer first set song when the sun is about to go down. I totally understand the frustration from friends at the show hoping for a kick-ass cover or something with a little more gusto. Luckily Connection did not have to anchor the encore... Double dip with First Tube as the second encore tune. Yeah, you didn't think they'd end a good show on a rarely played 2.0 deep cut that they never played in 2.0? Full-blown Trey wankage as per usual... Within context of the sluggish Austin show, Phish bounced back with a sizzler... Both shows in Texas dunzo. Summer tour is six shows old and looks like California got the best two shows thus far. The circus migrates through the dirty South. Next stop, Atlanta.

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Credits: Official poster by Ken Taylor; Setlist art mashup by @neillybop and @change100

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: Austin, Texas 7/28/15

Setlist art mashup by @neillybop and @change100

Phish returned to Texas for only the second time in the 3.0 era. The circus touched down at Austin360 Amphitheater for a show in the sizzling Texas sun.

Follow @CoventryMusic for any updates. The Joker (@neillybop) and @BTreotch will be at the show.

FYI... Austin (and Dallas) will be webcast over at LivePhish.

So here's what you missed....
Phish, 7.28.15 Austin360, Austin, TX

Set 1: Party Time, FREE, Halley's Comet, Wolfman's Brah, Possum, Lawn Boy, Bouncin**, Water in the Sky, Dirt, Devotion to a Dream, Sugar Shack, ANTELOPE

Set 2: 46 Days* > PIPER > Ghost > Shade > Gotta Jibboo > Waiting All Night, Blaze On,Velvet Sea, BOWIE, Suzy > Tweezer Reprise

E: Loving Cup

* The DOGS tease
** Pauly Takes A Piss Song
Official poster by Conor Nolan
* * * *

Austin Quickie Couch Tour Recap
by @taopauly

The Joker, Ramble On Rose, Btreotch, Firbeall, Dr. Scotch, and the rest of the gang went to the show. They were all raging the pit. I was back in California rocking it out on Couch Tour.... It was hot as fuck all show in the high 90s. The sweltering sweaty temps cast a weird vibe on the entire show... Lights went down at 8:34pm CT with a Party Time opener and Page was standing up by 8:36pm. I heard that Fishman was in rare rock star party mode late last night with the Touch Pants crew. As a result, we had a HUNGOVER FISHMAN SHOW! It's been a while. Always an adventure... Free in second spot. Trey noticeably using his Dead50 guitar. Slightly different tone than the West Coast gigs... Halley's Comet in three hole. Set the over/under line at 6:10. I feel like the under came in even though the tracklisting is longer... Wolfman's Brah batting cleanup. Jam never quite achieved liftoff before they gently eased off pedal. Sluggish start on a heavy hitter. Heat zapped the crowd, or the band feeding off a zapped crowd?... Trey mentioned he was born in Texas. Page joked, "It's a homecoming for Trey... coming back to Texas!"... Possum was the early standout of the first set... Leo crooning to the hipster biddies and Phishy chicks with Lawn Boy. Serious enough the National Weather Center issued a Wet Deck Alert for the greater Austin area... Bouncin' is a "Pauly Takes A Piss Song" even on couch tour. Even had a batch of garage-days feedback... Pro Tip: Phishy chicks fucking LOVE Water in the Sky. Put it on your mixes. Play it on your tinder dates. Hand jobs kangfirmed... Never ever go into a show expecting to hear Dirt, but I'd love to hear it at every show. Total "bustout" too. Got benched all last season... Devotion to a Dream secretly dedicated to Alex Jones and the New World Order...  I dig the Calypso vibe to Sugar Shack, yet the song is a harbinger of doom. It always pops up in a totally trainwreck of a set. Fishman was definitely off. I guess his B-12 and cortisone shots had yet to kick it. He'd have to wait until Lance Armstrong showed up at setbreak and gave him a blood transfusion and a special "treat" that would get him back in playing shape... Antelope saved the set? By default. Definitely a high-energy rocker, but slop city. Trey looked visibly irked walking off stage... Expected Coach Kilmer from Varsity Blues to give the boys an ass reaming at halftime... Hey, it was a meh first set. Reminded me of Deer Creek 2010 the first show after Telluride, when it was 100-fucking degrees, and everyone was drunk as shit, and the band was sluggish, and a combative Trey TTE'd us. Alas, they bounced back with a strong, powerful second set. I hoped Phish would follow suit in Austin... With Fishman back to normal with a blood transfusion, it was GO TIME! 46 Days opener featured Trey and Gordo face-to-face jamming and a tease of The Dogs... Piper instant liftoff from the get go. Heard a second Lizards tease these tour (but no Lizards)... Instead of Lizards, Trey dragged everyone into Ghost. Dark and dirty Ghost. The highlight of the show? The 10 minute Ghost was about to get even darker when Trey ripcorded for a new tune... My girlfriend called Shade, "Trey's dad-rock-divorce-song." The intro to Shade had shades of Standing on the Moon... Gotta Jibboo at that inflection point of the set was like when I go to my Oxy dealer and he only had Vicodin. They definitely rocked it out as hard as you can get... Back-to-Back Waiting All Nights. I mean, I understand the need for a slow tune to give hungover Fishman a breather, but he supposedly had Lance Armstrong's blood in him, which gave him super-powers. They blew a chance to really blast off, yet instead they shat the bed with Waiting All Night... I hoped the Joker would catch one of the new tunes like Blaze On. Appropriate since it was hot as fuck in Austin. Blaze didn't go as deep as Shoreline's Blaze. Too bad... Velvet Sea'd. My musician friend from Austin, DoctorScotch, was AWOL the whole show until he sent me a text seconds after the opening notes to Velvet Sea. He pretty much said if he had to slit his wrists in a bathtub, he'd have Velvet Sea as the soundtrack... It was time to blow shit up with Bowie... Thought the set would end with Suzy... Instead, Phish finally played the orphaned Tweezer Reprise, which they omitted at the L.A. Forum. I had a theory that Trey was going to hold onto Tweeprise until he reached a low point and needed to use it to breathe life into a dead show. Alas, he shot his load right away in Austin!... Loving Cup encore. Leo locked up post-show booty. Those Austin ladies love it when Leo covers Mick Jagger... One Texas show down, one more to go. Next stop... Dallas.

* * * *
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Cali Recap: On Fleek Phish at Shoreline and the L.A. Forum

This recap covers both California shows at Shoreline and the LA Forum. Here's my recap of the Bend shows.

7.24.15 Shoreline, Mountain View, CA

Phish returned to Shoreline for the first time since 2009. One Shoreline gig equaled three nights at Bill Graham in the heart of SF. I'd prefer three nights at an intimate indoor venue (despite the mushy sound) versus one night at the ginormous amphitheater in the NSA (aka Google) and Zuckernerd's backyard.

Sean drove to Portland and we flew PDX>SFO instead of driving the long slog between Oregon and Mountain View. The downside to Left Coast shows were the huge distances between major cities/venues. We partied in SF for a night (I lived there and knew few old haunts like my bud Big Dog's bar) and Anna snapped a pic in front of 710 Ashbury Street, like any good Deadhead should do when visiting SF. The next morning, day of show, we rented a car and drove to In-N-Out Burger, something so scintillating even vegetarian friends from Colorado indulged in its awesomeness. We eventually hit up the Shoreline lot, which is always a bacchanalian psychedelic scene. Another influx of older Deadheads and grateful vibes at this show. After all, the Bay Area was ground zero for the Dead and the entire jamband scene.

Everyone in the lot since Bend was speculating... 1) Will Phish cover any Dead songs this summer, and 2) Which members of the Dead will sit in on the West Coast? The answer to both was no and none. As Fink said, "If it didn't happen at Shoreline, it isn't going to happen." Alas, prior to the Shoreline show, the entire lot had an overwhelming electric vibe. That's all anyone was talking about... will Phil or Bobby sit in with Phish? I caught Shoreline shows in 1999 and 2000 when Weir and Lesh separately joined Phish onstage (I was also at the Red Rocks show with Billy Kreutzmann... epic Undermind), so a precedent had been set regardless if Dead50 with Trey never happened.

"If Phil Lesh sits in, he won't let Trey sing again!" said Sean.

Gordo drove by on his golf cart in the lot and a zombie Wook yelled, "Yo, Mike! Jews for Jerry!!!"

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bend Recap: Phish Blazes On With New Tunes in Oregon

Phish summer tour kicked off on the Left Coast. This recap covers the two shows in Bend, Oregon.

7.21.15 BEND, OREGON

Johnnie Salami drove the windy roads through lushly green Willamette National Forest and got us into Bend a couple of hours before the show. Bend was a little weird because I thought it was going to be more like Telluride. That part of Oregon certainly had a Colorado vibe, but Bend was eclectic in its own way. Sean had found us a motel in downtown Bend, which was perfect location walkable to the venue. The front desk people and the town of Bend were not prepared for the cavalcade of party people who invaded their cozy little community along the Deschutes River.

Sean's roommates threw a curveball upon arrival: they brought both a dog and a pet wook without informing Sean. Cosmo the puppy was super chill and the motel let them keep the dog even though they rented out the only pet-friendly room. Alas, the motel did not have any wook-friendly rooms, so we had to be slick and sneak him in and out. We ended up adopting the pet wook N-Dawg for this leg of the tour. He was well trained, friendly, did not bite, and most importantly... had a vial of liquid on him. Of course, he did not have a place to crash nor any tickets to Bend or Shoreline, but N-Dawg managed to score a Tuesday ticket at the last possible minute. Johnnie Salami only had a Wednesday ticket but somehow found a trade for his Wednesday/Tuesday swap. Both got super lucky.

Bend was one of the toughest ticket I've seen (non-Halloween, non-NYE) in 3.0. Sean and I did all of west coast fall tour together and we witnessed day-of-show-prices plummet with plenty of tickets available for Eugene, Seattle, SF and Santa Barbara. We both assumed (incorrectly) that tickets would be easy to find in Bend. Boy, were we wrong. Tiny venue on a grass lawn that was wedged in between a couple of motels and condos, and the mellow Deschutes river wound around most of the venue. Bend seemed smaller than Tahoe, but we had grass to groove on instead of a blacktop parking lot of Harvey's Casino.